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  • Vision und Mission der Tech Punk

      Our vision is to bring IT experts and modern IT companies together with our 360° consulting model and anticipation of future tech demands. At Tech Punk we are your first point of contact when it comes to IT recruitment and open source specialization. Our mission is to be Number 1, with the most rapid and technically savvy recruiting service on the German IT market, never losing sight of the people who make it all happen.

      Clients frequently have the problem of ensuring long-term success with their IT recruitment. It often takes a long time to be able to react to acute needs. More than half a year can typically pass before anything happens. At the same time, this passivity leads to discontent among existing team members, who must then grudgingly pick up the slack. And this for a sustained period of time. A vicious circle, because once the internal recruiting team finally does find someone, new resignation letters land on your desk once again!

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      what sets tech punk apart?

      Focus on real and sustainable utility: Perm

      More than 10 years sales and consultancy experience in the tech sector

      Rapid and efficient development of solutions for clients, including work on site

      Our highly qualified sector knowledge in the specialized area of open source software languages (Java/PHP/Script languages) as well as new tech sectors all around iCloud, big data, artificial intelligence/AI and machine learning

      Reaction speed, efficiency and sustainability, because we are also part of the scene and continuously develop our network

      Professionalism, transparency & trust at the contract level

      we go the extra mile!

      Speed coupled with high quality are our highest priorities. If it gets difficult, then we really get going. We have an eye for the right “match” and, at the same time, exude an ethos of “recruitment is fun”. We go the extra mile and think outside the box. 

      We optimize IT recruitment processes, advise candidates and clients alike in person and create lasting value. We exhaust the chain to the greatest possible extent and are partners for the most intractable tech recruiting projects in this most turbulent era of digitalization.

      Global thinking is fantastic, but where does that leave you as an “artist” with your individual vision and aspirations? We at Tech Punk have taken it upon ourselves to pass our local know-how, acquired over many years, on to you.

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