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About Tech Punk

this is what it's like to work at the best tech recruitment agency in berlin

"You'll never lose, you'll always learn"

We live our mission statement and want to set a positive example, especially for Tech Punk employees: Through an innovative, integral and sustainable corporate culture, we create a working environment that is second to none in the recruitment industry: 

  • Flexible working hours
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Self-managed teams

The supposedly "tried and tested" Anglo-Saxon recruitment model doesn't stand a chance in Generation Y&Z. That's why we put the employee at the center of everything we do. Every Tech Punk is invited to contribute his or her ideas, wishes and constructive criticism to the team - intellectual freedom is the keyword here. We see precise and honest communication, questioning and proposing counterarguments as essential for effective decision-making. 

Only those who feel valued and empowered and who have the chance to move freely will be able to really unleash all their competencies and skills to become 100% successful.

About the Tech Punk Team

    the values of tech punk

    Tech Punk is a modern recruitment agency in Berlin which fosters a social, cultural and innovative working environment for its employees. The sheer enjoyment of working, being a cohesive team and the meaningfulness of our individual tasks are our ultimate core tenets as a professional tech recruitment firm.

    Tech Punk values that both employees and CEOs respect
    Tech Punk values that both employees and CEOs respect

    Flexibility is expected so that we can rapidly react to the market and client needs. Tech Punk employees can learn in the company, try things out and make mistakes. We offer a generous rewards system and comprehensive benefits. These include but are not limited to: Full remote, early Friday off, team events, work incentives, Lunch Clubs, Certifications e.g. Scrum Master and an active encouragement through technical trainings and social coaching.

    With an uninterrupted view of our IT recruitment clients’ needs we are always developing our strategy further and work with great passion on building our recruitment agency.

    The KPIs, core hours and dog-eat-dog culture typical in our industry have no place at Tech Punk! Here it’s all about YOU and US together!

    A typical day at tech punk

    So, imagine you walk into Tech Punk's modern design office and immediately feel the electrifying vibe in the room. You think, "Either I've had too much coffee or there's really something going on here!". Your team is already there and you notice that everyone is full of energy to get going, and that on a Monday? - YES!

    You hear some of your colleagues making phone calls to the CEOs, founders as well as HR leaders of the German tech world. You think: "Man, they really have connections, I want to achieve that too!". In the team, everyone has fun at work and implements the jointly agreed growth targets for the year. Via active sourcing in social media, you build your candidate pipe in the morning and organize your digital work in a modern IT environment (own laptop, cloud, CRM, agile workflow management ...).

    Suddenly your phone rings and when you answer it, you hear the desperate voice of your candidate who is looking for your advice because he is extremely dissatisfied with his current job. Because of your perfect onboarding program, you can quickly understand his situation and directly introduce him to exciting, cutting-edge alternatives from Tech Punk's client portfolio. Even over the phone, you can feel your candidate's eyes start to light up with relief. You agree to meet for lunch at the end of the week so that you can start the application process together as quickly as possible.

    On the way home, you think to yourself, "Wow, I really made a difference today and helped someone."
    This is just a fraction of your daily work with us!